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Step 1: Add Whatsapp contact +61405272278 to send a specific request with images.

Step 2: Our consultant will provide a quote and estimated completion time.

Step 3: Make payment and deposit.

Step 4: Product delivery and handover.

Every image and request is undoubtedly different. To know the most accurate price for your required service, please refer to the service details below. In addition, please get in touch with us, and attach files, specific images, and requirements to receive the most accurate quotation. For VIP requests starting at 1,000,000 VND, you will be directly supported by high-level landscape experts.

Frequently asked questions

From 15$ / request

Each customer will have a different need to use photo editing services. Some of them will take longer to complete. Of course, those requests will cost more to ensure the customer is satisfied and we have enough money to carry out the project.

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Photoshop Document Editing Service Pricing

The quality of the handover file is 100% the same as the original file, only changing the content, numbers, text, and images as required.

Mostly from 1-2 hours.

The document editing service using Photoshop ensures 100% Customer information security. We do not store or share customer information during or after using the service. We are confident to be the most secure photo editing service on the Internet based on the nature of work.

Photoshop Document Editing Service help you to change anything in your document. I have excellent skills in Photoshop, and I have lots of Adobe Photoshop premium fonts. So, I will Edit your document with EXACT FONT MATCHED.

Quick receiving: Any request from you will be received almost instantly.

Enjoyed consulting: We will provide specific solutions, costs, and payment methods for you after receiving your request.

Professional skills: With many years of working and teaching experience in design, Photoshop can guarantee 100% of the work received.

Complete on the same day: All orders will be scheduled for same-day dispatch. Of course, if the quantity is too large, we will tell you in advance.

Information security: Customer information is confidential. We will never use your information and products for advertising.

Photoshop Document Editing Services’s Process:

1./ Contacting support (Scan Whatsapp).

2./ Consulting and payment.

3./ Hand over edited files and support after sales.

Each order is supported to edit up to 3 times until the customer is completely satisfied. Existing customers will always be served faster and are given priority to hand over the products first.

We currently only accept PayPal for all transactions globally. You can pay directly via email address: If you need an invoice, provide us with your PayPal Email, and we will send you a payment request via email.

You will need to pay the full amount if the order value is less than 50$.

Photoshop service does not charge consulting fees and is ready to offer a plan to complete the job. Then, upon receipt of payment and proof of payment from the customer, we will start processing the work. This ensures that the effort and time spent working and editing photoshop images are paid. It is impossible not to admit that many transactions are canceled in the middle.

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The policy of payment before using document editing services using Photoshop

We accept deposits for orders valued at 200 USD with a deposit of 60% of the service value.

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The policy of payment before using document editing services using Photoshop

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